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│ └ A collection of (hopefully useful) Godot 4.x scripts.
│   Feel free to use in your projects, adapt, modify, expand and/or tinker.
│   Attribution not required, but appreciated.
│   NOTE: Scripts may contain bugs and depending on your use-case may require additional work. [created: 2024/04/27]
│ └ Automatically extract meshes and/or collision shapes from GLTF files during import. [created: 2024/01/09, modified: 2024/05/19]
│ └ Create volumetric line from array of points or transforms using ImmediateMesh. [created: 2023/11/30, modified: 2024/02/28]
│ └ Attach to a child Node of a physics body (like RigidBody3D) to bridge the gap between
│   physics ticks per second and rendered frames per second (FPS). [created: 2024/01/13]
│ └ Critically Damped Smoothing based on Game Programming Gems 4, chapter 1.10. [created: 2024/01/13]
  └ Uses to let a Node smoothly follow its parent.

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